Play Texas Holdem online looking at your opponents via cams

Online poker now becomes much more ‘live’. The novelty proposed by MediaLive Casino  is a platform for online Texas Hold’em ( live casino)  played through a camera system that allows players to look at  their ‘face’, albeit through the network. With several sites that are offering Texas Holdem with webcams has been realized the dream of many players who wanted to see their opponents while playing poker online. Medialivecasino realizes the importance of players trust developing a webcam system.

For the moment few casinos offer this new webcam system but we think that this is the future of online casino games. It is possible to see the croupier with the same quality video of television, to chat with him or her and to have more fun as in a real casino but without leaving home. This is simply marvellous!

After all, poker is a game of observation, of senses and online poker has this lack which is not accepted by all poker pros. That is why the idea of Texas Holdem with a webcam can attract those players wishing to improve their online experience. Live Texas Holdem makes the game much more interesting and sociable. What do you think? Look at the following video:

My List of Best Poker Rooms

On this blog I want to give you my personal list of best poker rooms on the Internet. These ranking is  compiled by me  veteran of online poker with a big knowledge of all major poker rooms. I have played for hours on sites like BetClick, Bwin and Titan Poker and I  know everything you need to know to assess the best poker rooms.

Online poker players have different needs. Some are looking for the highest bonuses, others seek a clear and attractive and still others want to play No-Limit Hold’em with the low post. These are some of the factors that come into play when choosing a poker site, but there are also many others, as promotions, the commission rate payable to the house (the rake), the customer service,  the level of competition, security of financial and so on.

I am well aware of the needs of poker players: that’s why I am  creating my rankings of the best poker rooms. All my readers will be able to  find a list of poker rooms that meet their needs.

Best Bonus Poker – Poker rooms offering the best poker bonus.
Everest Poker and Titan Poker
Increased traffic – poker rooms that has the largest number of players.
Poker Tournaments – Poker rooms offering the best poker tournaments.
Easier to win games – poker rooms with the easy part.
Titan Poker
Freerolls – poker rooms the best freerolls (free poker tournaments).
Sisal Poker
Best Sign Up Bonus – Poker rooms offering the best bonus to membership.

Mac Poker Rooms – The best poker rooms for those with a Mac
No Limit Texas Hold’em – Poker rooms with more action at the tables of Texas Hold’em No-Limit.
Full Tilt Poker
Limit Texas Hold’em – Poker rooms with more action at the tables limit Texas Hold’em.

Heads Up – Poker rooms with more action at the tables for 2 players.
Full Tilt Poker
Omaha Poker – Poker rooms with more action at the tables from Omaha.
Sisal Poker
7-Card Stud – Poker rooms with more action at the tables from 7-Card Stud.
Draw Poker – Sites with more action at the tables to draw poker.

Betclick Poker

Don’t you trust RNG? Live dealers can be a good alternative!

If you’re looking for an online casino that uses live dealers, then you’re lucky. There are several online casino with live dealers, so you can have the same experience that you might have in a real casino without ever leaving your home. The advantage of using this type of casino is that you have the same odds of a real casino and you can also get the same winnings.

The main reasons for using such a casino with live dealers

For games such as poker, roulette and craps is good to choose a casino that uses live dealers. For other games, like poker, would be too difficult to play using the power of a live camera but Medialivecasino offers live Texas Holdem software solutions. Although blackjack is a popular option for those who want to play using a casino with live dealers. The main advantage is that, in this case, it is much easier for you to calculate your odds of winning using a live dealer than if you use a program developed by a computer.

When you play at a casino with live dealers, remember that chances are the same as a regular game in a casino and make your bets accordingly. Sometimes, there will be a wager on games you do. As with all gambling, knowing your budget will make the experience much more enjoyable and less problematic for the future.

This blog was created because ‘many players fear that the generator – RNG is not so’ random, and therefore prefer that the results are determined by a dealer in flesh and bones as in a real casino that will make the game fun. Here is you can find a casino with live games.

Live casinos software: Medialivecasino software solutions

MediaLiveCasino is primarily a company of online live casino games , as you can see from the preview window, it is connected to a casino with real dealers. You can have a look at live roulette, live blackjack, live Baccarat and live Texas Hold’em software solutions. Real live dealers offer the best entertainment 24/7 and let you feel as in a real casino.

Players don’t need to download a software and the PC is immune from any spyware or other computer gimmick, money transactions are protected by SSL secure system and with virtual platform it is possible to play live Texas hold’em, which means that you will have dealers in flesh and bones, which will serve the cards while players are sitting comfortably at home.

Medialivecasino let you start an online casino business from zero. They deal with all the technical, legal and administrative procedures. In this way, will provide you with a turnkey product including a multilingual customer care service so that you can dedicate yourselves to promote your casino only.

Start an online casino business with Medialivecasino is easy and not expensive. It’s a very good investment as casinos are experiencing a big success in the world. They will give you adivices on hot to start a casino business from zero and earn a lots of money. Your job will be only the casino promotion. Medialivecasino is the best company for live casinos solutions, the future of online gambling! the introduction of live dealers Texas Hold em Poker

When it comes to online poker, the game of poker is played in a virtual poker room or casinos on the Internet. Studies in this area have confirmed that the spread of poker and the great success it is going through, just depends on the spread of poker on the Internet that has succeeded in bringing poker into homes around the world.

Although the poker game takes place primarily online, the places where you can play online poker, are essentially the virtual poker rooms and casinos as the real ones are often hard to reach places and then they usually do not advertise very much the game of poker because the casino does not earn a lot from it.

The “rake” in the poker jargon would be the commission and in real casinos on each winning is a bit ‘too high compared to online poker rooms. But we have to say that the running costs of a real casino are much higher than online casinos. Sometimes the costs are much higher than the revenues of the poker and it is not convenient for them. Surely the game of online poker is cheaper since they do not have to pay the same things that you typically pay in a real casino. For example, if you want to add a table in the room you don’t actually remove the space as in a land casino.

The operators of online poker rooms are trying to make online poker games more real, so that the latest appears to be the introduction of live dealers with live Texas Hold em offered by industry leaders as Medialivecasino.

To find out more about and its live dealers solutions, have a look at brochure.

Playing live Texas Hold em: put your sunglasses in your living room!

Some online casinos and poker room give the players the possibility   to try a more real poker experience thanks to a feature that allows them to play with integrated webcam. Live Texas Hold em with webcams is the most beautiful and interesting invention for Texas Holdem lovers.

Live Texas Hold em Players can now see their opponents and talk to them and  maybe they will get a tell that they would have lost at a normal virtual table. Poker is like living in a big family,” said a spokesman for the developers of Medialivecasino, “all interactions take place around a table that can be real or virtual.”

Some casinos offer you the chance to play live French roulette, black jack and baccarat! You connect with a real dealer and a real roulette: the feeling is that of being in a real casino, but you are comfortably seated in front of the pc! Only Medialivecasino offers live Texas Hold em. This is a real revolution!

I have tried it and believe me it is very exiting and I put my sunglasses  in my the living room! It’s cool, isn’t it?

Texas Holdem Webcams

Texas Holdem webcams are going to change the way we play online poker.  Why should we play live Texas Holdem?
I know some very good reasons to play live Texas Hodl em with real dealers using a webcam that allows us to see each other playing on the table .  Texas Holdem webcams are a novelty introduced by and they are already highly appreciated by millions of players.
Who is constantly looking for new emotions will find in playing live texas holdem a viable alternative to traditional casino games. Currently you can play live Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and live poker.

If you are still among those players who  suspect irregularities in the online casino games, you can try Texas Holdem webcams to see all movements of professional croupiers, making sure all is done exactly as in the most famous real casinos.Texas Holdem webcams, better known as live Texas Holdem, also allow to chat  ‘real-time’ with other players at the betting table to exchange impressions and comments and to create an enjoyable gaming experience.

Using the special webcams,  you can play LIVE TEXAS HOLDEM and chat with beautiful and  handsome dealers.Those who choose to dedicate themselves to texas hold’em with live webcams can  invite friends on the Internet to appreciate the high resolution and impeccable professionalism of  live dealers.

Live Texas Holdem with webcams
is a valuable resource offered  only by a small circle of online casinos at the moment.


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